Kong Inc. Uses Visier to Unify Data and Make it Easy

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Visier People®: Talent, Organization, Talent Essentials, Standardized Occupations, Benchmarks

Key Outcomes

Removed reliance on spreadsheets

Unified data throughout the organization

Used facts to provide more insights into retention

Kong wanted fast insights about their people to target key business areas. Visier offered incredible speed to value over building a solution themselves with existing tools.

It seems like in some organizations, people get props for creating spreadsheets. We have to put an end to that culture.

Mark Tucker, Director of Technology and Analytics, Kong


Reduce a reliance on spreadsheets and inaccurate data to get a clearer picture of organizational structure

A reliance on spreadsheets was more than just time-consuming for Kong, it also made getting insights to people leaders complicated since not everyone had access to various systems of record.

In addition, people had different ways of calculating even the most basic metrics such as headcount. Kong needed a solution to unify data sources and establish a single source of truth that everyone could agree upon.


Data integrity started with basic organizational structure and headcount.

One of the things holding HR back was not knowing how to pull the data from the HRIS in a consistent way. Because it took so long to build reports, many weren’t willing to create new metrics or create a new spreadsheet to track something just because someone asked for it. After onboarding Visier People®: Organization, the data is now easy to pull and accurate enough that leaders can get a good view of headcount, department, and region.

Power BI or Tableau are great tools, but we don't have the time to build the reports. That's why Visier was a big deal.

No more spreadsheets

Once teams got used to relying on Visier, they quickly moved away from spreadsheets, knowing that data was not updated as swiftly and accurately as what was available on the dashboards.

“Gut feeling” about turnover replaced with facts

One gut feeling Kong HR members had was that retention was a problematic issue. With Visier, they instead were able to connect performance data to retention and turnover exposing a new insight. While turnover for low performers was higher than average, turnover for high performers was well below overall. They were also now able to visualize where tenure might impact turnover and explore further.

Headcount growth at a glance

Kong has grown considerably in Asia-Pacific and EMEA recently. Now the organization can see the growth month-over-month, with accurate metrics on headcount. This makes it much easier to figure out where to expand by showing the level of headcount currently in that region.

Organizational data now easy to find

Before Visier, a span of control report was unavailable and time prohibitive to create. Now, the information is visible immediately. Additionally, not everyone even knew the proper organizational structure because the information in the HRIS system didn’t have clear data. In addition to getting rid of spreadsheets, Visier also helped standardize metrics and make the data transparent.


Faster reporting, deeper dives

Because the board of directors now has instant access to the quarterly reporting which used to take significant time, Kong’s team can spend each quarter doing a deeper dive on a specific topic.



With less time spent on hiring, managers can spend more time managing.

Since the data revealed retention isn’t a critical issue, managers focus less on hiring replacements. Kong estimates this will only continue when they fully utilize Visier People®: Talent Acquisition and further streamline the hiring process.



Kong found that applicants who applied directly through the system had a surprisingly high (85%) retention rate. Now, they’re building on this knowledge to hire good candidates more efficiently.



Kong anticipates that Visier will soon provide more insights on DEI and exit reasons.

Visier solutions used by Kong

Visier People®: Organization

With core HR metrics, Organization starts you on your analytic journey answering questions around headcount, employee starts, and demographics, and how you compare to Visier Benchmarks.

Visier People®: Talent

Identify the attributes that produce long-term, high performing employees and make better hiring decisions faster.

Visier People®: Talent Acquisition

Connect recruiting data with employee outcomes so you can refine and define recruitment processes, programs, and results.

Tired of spreadsheets, too? Visier helps make sense of current data, and provides a clear view of the future.

About Visier

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